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Using Latest NVIDIA Drivers on Linux

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I am running Ubuntu 10.04 as a host and Windows 7 as a guest on VMware workstation. However I am having issues in expanding my terminal on the same screen where I have Windows running in full screen mode. My laptop has a pretty decent configuration with 6GB memory and GeForce 8M (notebook) graphics card. But I am using the NVIDIA drivers that are available in the Ubuntu repo and not the latest one.

In order to resolve the slowness I wanted to try the latest NVIDIA drivers. With the help of my colleague I resolved it as follows:

  1. Downloaded the latest drivers from NVIDIA
  2. Hit Ctrl+Alt+F2 so that I am in the console mode
  3. Run the command sudo service gdm stop to stop the GNOME Display Manager
  4. sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current (this replaces the existing drivers)
  5. sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*
  6. Move to the directory where you have downloaded the latest drivers and make it executable by chmod u+x NVIDIA-Linux-x86_*
  7. Execute the driver by running ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_*
  8. Choose the prompts that occurs during the installation accordingly
  9. When the installation is done run service gdm start (This starts the GNOME Display Manager)
  10. Hit Alt+F7 and this will take you in the graphical mode
  11. If you do not see NVIDIA Settings manager then simply run nvidia-settings in the terminal!

This made my system run really well and I am no longer having issues in expanding the terminal or any other window over the full screen Win7!